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Straight, Healthy Teeth Without Using Braces

Orthodontic treatment using ClearCorrect™️ straightens your teeth. The procedure uses clear, virtually invisible aligners to gradually move your teeth into proper, healthy alignment.

ClearCorrect™️ aligns your teeth without the use of noticeable and uncomfortable wires or brackets common with traditional braces treatment. Your ClearCorrect™️ procedure can also be completed in less time than treatment with standard braces.

Your ClearCorrect™️ aligners are custom-fitted and made from a clear plastic resin material. The orthodontic treatment with ClearCorrect™️ is removable for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing, straightens your teeth without wires or brackets, requires less in-office appointments, and provides a comfortable fit during the time you wear your aligners.

Your custom-fitted aligners are worn for a specific period of time (approximately three weeks) according to your orthodontic treatment plan. You will be provided a new set of aligners at designated times until your treatment is complete.

Your ClearCorrect™️ treatment will straighten your teeth in one year of consistently wearing your aligners.

Contact your Suwanee dentist about orthodontic treatment. Schedule an oral examination to discuss straightening your teeth without braces using ClearCorrect™️.