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Implant Dentures

Security and Support for Your Dentures

Dentures are a common tooth replacement for total tooth loss. The downside is that dentures can shift, fit poorly, and erode your gum and bone tissue over time.

Implant dentures provide stability to your denture treatment. You can wear dentures without fear of movement and without the need for denture adhesive.

An implant supported denture prevents wear and erosion of your gums and bone tissue. The treatment is permanent using a series of small implants to secure your denture.

Four small implants are placed at specific locations in your jaw to support your denture. Your new teeth will be attached to the implants to secure them in place.

Your implant denture is stable and will improve your eating and chewing ability.

Contact your dentist in Suwanee about your dentures. Schedule a dental examination to discuss an implant denture to improve your dentures security and function.