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A Fast and Secure Tooth Replacement

TeethXpress®️ uses dental implants to replace your missing teeth. The treatment is faster and more cost-effective than standard dental implant treatment.

You will receive a full arch of new teeth that are secured by dental implants. Your TeethXpress®️ procedure can most often be completed in one appointment.

Your ability to eat, chew, and smile is affected by tooth loss. TeethXpress®️ restores your full tooth function with a secure set of permanent, new teeth in the upper and/or lower arch of your mouth.

Implants are placed at approximately four specific locations in your upper and/or lower jaw. Following treatment your new teeth will not move or slip when eating, chewing, speaking, or smiling.

Contact your Suwanee dentist about your missing teeth. Schedule a dental examination to discuss fast, cost-effective tooth replacement with TeethXpress®️.